Langit Pacific, LLC

  • 7875 Makaaoa place
  • Honolulu Hawaii 96825
  • Office Phone: (808)394-2987
  • Office Fax: (808)394-2988

Personal Service from Design through Installation

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Form, Function and Full Service

Langit Pacific, LLC is a full service contract furniture dealership. We offer the entire spectrum of interior office solutions, from the breakroom to your executive suites. Our wide range of products, including systems furniture and demountable walls, along with services like CAD design and reconfiguration planning, enables us to create the most optimal workplaces available.

Our list of clients includes Hawaii based Federal and State Agencies, and across the Pacific at American military bases in Japan, Korea, Guam and Alaska.


Furniture Products Include

  • Systems Furniture
  • Freestanding/Modular Desking
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Demountable Walls
  • Seating
  • Storage and Filing Cabinets
  • Tables
  • Flooring and Carpeting
  • Case Goods